What's all this then?

I tweet too much. So I needed somewhere else to start storing all the words. This is it. Think of it as the external hard drive for my thoughts.

I don't have an obesssion, a dream, a fixation or a hook, so don't be expecting a focus here. It's like great big lumps of my twitterings. You may see teaching stuff, rants, maternal anxiety and occasional sojourns away from reality.

Anyway, I like a nice chat so we should talk. By we, I of course mean me...

The Personal Stuff

What's all this doing here?

This is the stuff based on what I've experienced, things I love and things I vehemently don't. Sometimes I like to write things down to clear my head, so what's here are the words that wouldn't pipe down until they'd spread themselves all over the page like brain-honey or something. Now I'm pinning them down further by organising them all here.

There's some cross over from teaching and some stories. And possibly too much information, but you pays your money you takes your chance. You didn't pay? Well then. What did you expect.

Oh, and the post about my birthday? It's not here. It never will be. One should never ask a lady about her birthday, height of bad manners, no?

An open letter to Reception teachers everywhere (starting school is scary. For mums)

It's not you, it's me. (about falling out of love)

The trouble with twinkles (about the perils of parenting girls)

Can I get away with a slushy one yet? (A begrudgingly nice one about love)

Solstices and Henges (I love Midwinter's Day. Simple as that)

An Unromantic Story for Valentines Day (in which an alternative Valentine is mused upon)

Life in Harper Valley (about PTAs. Inspired by the song "Harper Valley PTA", which is ace.)

What has social media ever done for us? (in which I have a Bad Experience and leave my much-loved twitter)