What's all this then?

I tweet too much. So I needed somewhere else to start storing all the words. This is it. Think of it as the external hard drive for my thoughts.

I don't have an obesssion, a dream, a fixation or a hook, so don't be expecting a focus here. It's like great big lumps of my twitterings. You may see teaching stuff, rants, maternal anxiety and occasional sojourns away from reality.

Anyway, I like a nice chat so we should talk. By we, I of course mean me...

Utter nonsense

This is the Collected Other Stuff. It doesn't really have a genre or indeed a raison d'etre. It's my favourite.

A Spotter's Guide to Nuns (self explanatory really)

Oh Dan Brown, what have you done to me? (Introducing the Da Vinci Absurdity Scale)

The boy who liked to explain things (A bedtime story)

A tale from the Big Book of Boozy Puddings (The best mousse ever.)