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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A tale from the Big Book of Boozy Puddings

This isn’t about teaching, this one. Except in that it’s about booze. And most teachers love the booze. In fact, the proportion of teetotal teachers is about half that of the general population. I learned that on Drugs Ed. I don’t think it was meant to impress me the way it did.

Anyway, this is a pudding I made for my 9th Wedding Anniversary, based on a cocktail MrBird likes. It’s adapted from a plain old chocolate mousse recipe because why eat pudding when you could eat boozy pudding? Enjoy, but don’t blame me.

White Russian Mousses (for about 4)

2oz caster sugar
8oz cream cheese
½ pint cream, plus some extra
2 eggs
Bar of Green and Black Espresso Chocolate

Beat the sugar and egg yolks into the cream cheese.
Whip the cream, then add a generous slug of Kahlua and stir in. Taste. Mmm.
Add the Kahlua cream to the cheese mix.
Melt the coffee chocolate (I suppose normal dark choc would be ok, but why mess about?)
Add a shot or two of vodka to the melted chocolate.
Stir the chocolate slowly into the mousse mix.
Whip up the egg whites till they do that soft peak thing.
Fold the egg white gently into the mousse.

Pour this mixture into glasses to set. Shot glasses if you’re being fancy, bigger ones if you want people to enjoy themselves.

When it’s set, pour a layer of liquid cream over the top. Drizzle in a little extra Kahlua. I ran some over the back of a spoon and made heart shapes, because I just couldn’t help myself.

I also added a stick of chocolate, for the same reason.

The cream will ooze into the mousse as you eat it. Mmmmmm.

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