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I tweet too much. So I needed somewhere else to start storing all the words. This is it. Think of it as the external hard drive for my thoughts.

I don't have an obesssion, a dream, a fixation or a hook, so don't be expecting a focus here. It's like great big lumps of my twitterings. You may see teaching stuff, rants, maternal anxiety and occasional sojourns away from reality.

Anyway, I like a nice chat so we should talk. By we, I of course mean me...

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Bird on the Steeple is taking a break... I like to start the School Holidays early.  If you've come here via an Education link, happy holidays to you! Don't waste it all worrying about work: this is one of the few perks you get, enjoy it!

Love, Bird..... oh, and this is for you!

A cake for all my Edu-readers :)
Like the man says...woohoo!

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  1. Just thought of you and wanted to let you know we all miss you on twitter. Hope you're ok.

    H x


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